Why Smartfast?

  • A different spin on a software consultancy: Instead of forcing a heavyweight and expensive process on to your business; I adapt to your workflow/processes. I work directly with stakeholders so that we can identify core challenges and iterate. This allows me to solve your problems quickly without interfering with your day-to-day.
  • Features delivered fast: Working directly with stakeholdes (product or founders), I can identify challanges and build solutions.
  • DevOps/Infracture: I specialize in Heroku and AWS, I'm comfortable using what they offer or rolling our own if it makes sense. At early to mid-stage startups it is important to make trade offs between ease of use and cost. Levereging my diverse experience helps me navigate these tough decisions.
  • Architural Design and Implementation: I leverage my experience both at large companies and startups to design systems that most fit your needs. In early to mid-stage start ups it is important to design a system that is pragmatic and cost effective, my priority is to meet your business needs.

About me:

I have been writing software for 25 years; professionally for 15. My career has spanned a myriad of industries: defenese, healthcare, self driving, crypto, NLP, and compliance. Most recently I started Litlingo in early 2019 and raised ~$10mm and brought the company to ~$1mm in ARR.

I offer full stack application development, with a focus on backend cloud development. I love writing software and solving real business problems contact me if you'd like to work together.


What working with me looks like:

  • Team Augmentation: I integrate directly into your team, join meetings, write and review code, etc. Perfect if you need an extra engineer to help speed up your engineering efforts.
  • Isolated Solutions: I work on the side of your engineering team and solve a very specific problem. This is great if you don't have the bandwidth/expertise to solve a problem or build a feature.

Want to work together?

Shoot me an email at todd@smartfast.com.